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what the pictures show us is in there. i'm a layman when it comes to bomb stuff. i see an awful lot of wires, trip wires, jars full of ammunition. jars full of liquid. some things that look like mortar rounds. >> nbc's mike taibbi is there live for us. mike, with an early good morning to you, what's the latest from the scene? >> reporter: good morning, alex. yeah, i spoke with a couple police officers from aurora a few minutes ago who said in about two hours the attempt to enter the apartment pt resume. it was shut down overnight. there wasn't a lot they could do overnight. the chief talking about what they saw. you used the word potential. potential explosives. it still is only that. this suspect allegedly did tell police when apprehended the apartment was boobytrapped and it certainly looks that way. the chief talked about the last trip wires and bottles and vessels of unknown substances and other things that looked like explosives, but that's what they look like. they've been very, very careful. in about two hours, as i said, they're going to muster the teams to be certain there
's visit outside of the u.s. embassy in cairo by those opposed by any american presence in egypt. developing now in egypt, there may be an exchange of prisoners to free two americans from boston who have been kidnapped in the sinai peninsula. pastor and parishioner and tour guide were abducted by a tribesman from a tour bus traveling on a major road linking cairo and the sixth century st. catherine's monastery. an egyptian official says they are trying to free a prisoner for a swap for those hostages. let's get the latest. what do you hear about a possible exchange for the kidnapped americans? >> reporter: well, egyptian officials are telling nbc in fact, they are working now to release the uncle in exchange for the release of the americans and their tour guide. it seems, according to the egyptian officials, as well as the tribes, that he was angry his uncle was arrested by egyptian police and believes he was unjustly arrested and being exploited by the egyptian authorities and egyptian authorities detained this individual but have not given information as to why he witnessed ori
if republicans try to use those nonfilibuster processes, we call it reconciliation, to roll back elements of obama care. they might be able to do that with a simple majority vote. getting the majority is very important this time. >> the veto on the 2/3 requirement to overturn the veto. patricia, poll numbers are tightening up right now. massachusetts a good example of that. when we look at the money, what do you think will happen as we look forward? >> well, money is going to continue to get dumped into the senate races and the senate just as important as winning the white house is getting control of the senate back. they know they won't be able to get a bill to romney's desk if romney wins the presidency unless they win the senate races and win control of the senate. in massachusetts, a great example. dead even race.ç north dakota, like john mentioned, so, so close. a race republicans hope to pick up. democrats have a really good candida candidate. now they are going race by race, starting to see how are we going to do this. democrats want desperately to hold on to each and every one o
heat the big weather story as we head through the south central part of the u.s. big dome of high pressure in place. large and in charge. take a look at numbers from yesterday, and in some cases, all-time record-high temperatures . over 40 daily records, at least 4 all-time records, and at home base in atlanta for the weather channel, 106 yesterday was an all-time record high. the extreme heat through monday will be continuing, this upper level high stays in place, plenty of sinking air, plenty of hot temperatures, even on sunday, no treat. 104 atlanta, 104 nashville. 104 in washington, d.c. the story on monday, still pretty steamy. upper 90s to low 100s. we'll continue to see the heat and chance for stronger storms on the north side of this ridge as we head on through the daytime hours today. strong storms in the ohio valley, as these storms continue to rumble on off toward the east and south. severe weather a threat right along the stationary front as we go on through the daytime hours áoday. so we'll continue to monitor the severe weather threat here from the expert desk and w
tell us about first lady's meeting with samantha cameron. what's scheduled on that front? >> well, i actually have little information on this because quite rarely, they are billing this as a private meeting. this morning i spoke to downing street and they said it was closed to the media. unlike the lady's first interest in health and fitness is not a cause cameron has taken up. as women trying to raise young children and pursue their own courses they have no doubt lots to talk about and they have met before in downing street. so there is that person rapport. >> thank you very much for that live report. let's get to the weather now in jolly old england as well as the states. bill karins is here to talk about things on both sides of the pond. >> good saturday morning. looks nice behind michelle kosinski, there were rain showers right before the opening certificaemony and everyone on r was like oh, no and the rain held off. they are heading towards the noon hour so it looks like the events will be just fine. if you're watching on msnbc or nbc properties, forecast looks absolutely perfec
on the big screen and in that time, 33 hours, we have learned enough to frighten and sadden us for a lifetime. but practically speaking we have learned rather little. in fact, at this hour police remain mystified by booby-traps carefully arranged inside the suspect's apartment. officials say removing the trip wire may include a detonation, a blast and fire. we'll have more on that remarkable and developing situation in a moment. but back at the shooting scene where this horror show began with one man and four guns, there remain more unanswered questions about the time just before the gunfire started as the investigation enters its second full day. my colleague msnbc's chris janis sing is joining me life. good day to you. are the police offering any further answers about how this unfoaled? >> reporter: we are hearing most about how it unfolded from people who were in the theater. in the parking lot behind me, there's been a lot of activity because they're starting to release the cars to people who are were inside the theater. and through one of the people who came here, the aunt and great-aunt
. he's 6'3" tall, and by all accounts opening fire and using one gun and then the next and the next. the movie is still playing so it's incredibly loud in there. it's hard to know what directions the sounds are coming from, what's real and what's not. there are people who are trying to shield their loved ones, others putting themselves at risk were trying to drag some of the injured out of the theater. of and yet, obviously, it's so crowded and so hard to even find an aisle. some people describe -- and this is so graphic and it's hard to hear -- slipping and falling in pools of blood. so many people who tried to help either those they knew and loved or complete strangers. i think that "the denver post" headline really says it best. this is it today -- "our hearts are breaken." this is a community that is still in shock, still mourning abdomen and grieving and still waiting to know the names and stories of the six other people who were killed in that movie neert behind me. >> chris jansing, thank you very much for the details. we want to let all of you know that chris will be reporti
. but first -- >>> heat is loosening its grip on parts of the u.s. but only slightly. all told it is to blame for 61 deaths across this country n st. louis, temperatures saturday record of 107 degrees yesterday. police around the country -- people around the country say the heat is unbearable. >> i would rather much have it 20 below zero than 102 degrees, 'cause 102 just drains you. >> you sweat. you're constantly drinking gatorade or water and you can't cool it unless you have a cooler because there's no refrigerator. >> listen to this daurk's reagan national airport, look at that, that plane sunk into an overheated taxi way this picture posted on a photo sharing website. officials say the heat created a soft spot in the paving. another round of severe weather expected in d.c. today. weather channel meteorologist alex wallace is here with more. hello to you, alex. >> good sunday to you, alex, we head through the second half of the weekend. heat still a story, may not be as widespread but something we are tracking. let's show what you is going on. the heat advisories, they are still in place
contract with the school at the very height of the sandusky investigation. the u.s. times reports he began his talks in january 2011, the very same month he testified before a grand jury. now, months later the $5.5 million deal was finalized as police closed in on sandusky. earlier today i spoke with a "sports illustrated" reporter who said there's a lesson for other schools. >> it's necessary for other schools to take from this and realize that maybe internal investigations periodically are a good thing and maybe ensuring that coaches don't become too powerful and that people don't become afraid of speaking out against coaches. i think that was a major part of this story. i also think it's important that we hold people accountable. the fact that the college president was fired and could be criminally charged is a lesson to other college presidents. >> that was michael mccann. we're told special counsel is being hired to deal with possible ncaa sanctions. >>> west coast headlines are next, "from russia with love" high siberia's loss became seattle's gain. >>> also, casey anthony's life one
that egypt's future is up to the egyptian people. >> there were protests against intos vittsid of e u.s. eassy in cai b tse posebyny amecan prence egy. velong n inegyp tre may an ehang ofrisors to frewo americans from boston who have been kidnapped in the sinai peninsula. pastor andarisonernd tou guid werabduedy tresmafrom tou bus avelg on moroad linkg cro and the sth centy st cathine' monastery. an egyptian official says they are trying to free a prisoner for a swap for thoseostas. t's t t test whato yo hea abo a poiblexchae fo the kiappeerics? >>eporr: we,gyptn officials are telling nbc in fact, they are working now to release the uncle in exchange for the release of the arica andheir tou guid it ses,ccorng the egypan offials,s we as the ibesthat hwas ary his uncle was arrested by egyptian police and believes he s unjustly arrested and being exploited by the egyptian authitiend eptia auoritsetaid th invidu butave t giv formions to why h tnesd orinal arrted d th areow sing ey a workg onleasg him. is bng heln a prison in alexandr alexandria. it will will take so time to release him and
of storms that same front going to cool us down bring us the risk for some storms for the day and some could be strong to severe whether with spotty, damaging winds as well as hail. >>> president obama's adviser defending the handling of the economy on the latest jobs report by targeting mitt romney. >> we know what tax breaks and tax cuts for the wealt and financial regulations off of wall street mean. they mean economic calamity. they mean what we are dealing with. now versus a vision we have jobs and build out of the middle class, people take responsibility they work hard, but they get ahead and that is what we need. >> not so fast says the chairman of the republican national committee. here's reince priebus. >> if they kept their promises, there would be 8.5 million more people employed today than there would be four years ago. the fact of the matter is this president can't fulfill a promise. they are living in fantasy land. you know what we are going to put this dream to an end of theirs in nop november, save america, fire barack obama and hire mitt romney. >> the get out the vote campa
hospital to hospital, looking and meeting with the victims, he has also told us that among those who are critically injured, some still have life -threatening injuries. we are also learning about the gunman inside that theater. we heard from the governor late yesterday that it could have been worse. perhaps we know why. the "associated press" reporting and we have not been able to independently confirm this, that the semi-automatic looifl he was carrying may have jammed early on. this is capable of holding 100 magazine clips, 50 to 60 rounds per minute. if it jammed, it could have meant fewer people died in the theater behind me. let's talk about those victims, because we now do have the names of all 12 remarkable stories of heroism. they range from 6 to 51. starting with 6-year-old veronica moser. four days ago, she was bragging about how she was learning to swim. her mother, who was critically wounded and still has, we are told, a bullet lodged in her neck, has now been informed that her little girl has died in this shooting. 24-year-old alex teves just earned his master's degree i
pressure, which is bringing us nothing but sunshine. so of course, with no clouds to cool us off, it is going to be excessively warm. we do have heat advisories from the plains to the midwest and mid-atlantic and northeast as well. here's a look at our current heat indexes across the board, mainly into the 80s, some people still hanging into the 70s, triple digit readings, st. louis, into louisville. chicago, 96 degrees on saturday. on sunday, down to 84 degrees. so we will see a big change there for the windy city. otherwise across the country, seattle even getting in on that heat. 82 degrees for our forecast on saturday. everything is relative, isn't it? you can see the heat along the east coast as well. washington, d.c., 103. new york, you're still into the upper 90s, boston, 81 degrees. then for the second half of the weekend, again, we're still going to be on the warm side but some cooler spots around the great lakes. alex, back to you. >> stef, thank you so much for that. we'll have a live report from new york central park on how people are coping with the deadly heat comin
no conessial rerterorhe "waingt po," e'kee a wte use crespdentmy parnz. good morning. >> good morning. >> amy, i'll begin with you. as you know, mr. romney, he rarely sits down for tseind intview but did fe i a w t tk aut this bai contvers how pdent ithis for m? >>t's prey unprecedented actually. i've heard grum bling from my friends at the romne campaign coveng h cplainge don't muc of the an they want tsee mor of them keheldolital aag wh y havoxplaou'r losi, he felt like he h to explain. that's what the obama campaign wants him to do, they want to take himff mesge a anhing tt ty c d t evenhim omalki abo e do onom thelleep ing. >> aot omedi sategts suggt heo that, get right at this, ed. do you tnk this is going to help put the issue at rest orphan t flas eve re? >>ore an likyoing t f e fmes for tweend, mae in ely nex ek. u cbine t a tthe ama campaign has running now with five televisi interviews where he essentially had to defend himself. then attempt to pivot back to obams hdlin of e ecomy, ye i thi i wl on pride litt mor aatntio escial becse t interviews were given on the network news cast
of people seem to be enjoying this heat so far. but they're certainly watching it and certainly tell us that they're taking some precautions as they head out. again, noon, as these temperatures head well into the 90s at this hour. >> at least those ladies have iced drinks in their hands. those pedicap operab operators, deserve big tips. thank you, michelle. >>> let's go to front page politics and president obama fresh from a two-day swing state bus tour signing into law a transportation bill he says will create much-needed jobs. >> first of all, this bill will keep thousands of construction workers on the job rebuilding our nation's infrastructure. second, this bill will keep interest rates on student loans from doubling this year, which would have hit nearly 7.5 million students with an average of $1,000 more on their loan payments. >> this comes on the heels of the new jobs report showing the economy created 80,000 jobs in june with the unemployment rate remaining at 8.2%, republicans seized upon those numbers in their weekly address this morning. >> just look at yesterday's job repor
-- >> that's why i only use two letters. >> just ed. got you, ed o'keefe. >> how much does mitt romney's bain controversy matter to you. you can talk to me on twitter. and i'll read your tweets throughout the day. >>> this morning carry kennedy was arrested for apparently dwi. >> just a few months ago she spoke publicly on behalf of the kennedy clan on behalf of mary kennedy, now she returns to the public spotlight when she was arrested for allegedly driving while impaired by drugs. 911 callers said a white vehicle was driving erratically when it collided with a tractor-trailer outside new york city. kennedy lexus sustained damage in a flat tire and pulled over. when police found her she appeared to be passed out about the not injured. in a statement to nbc news, a kennedy spokesperson says kerrie kennedy voluntarily took breathalyzer, blood and urine tests which showed no drugs or alcohol whatever in her system. those tests results according to kennedy's attorney were provided by the hospital, but sources familiar with the case tell nbc news blood and urine tests were also sent to a police l
have died over the past two weeks and stories from across the u.s. suggest a rise in the misery index as well. >> this has been a horror story. we've been here 30 years. this is the worst set of days we've experienced. >> i woke up feeling sick to my stomach and cramps in my legs. those are signs of heat stress. >> we've been expecting a dry year somewhere along the line, but this year is wort than expected. >> about five hours we checked in with michelle franzen in new york central park. how is it out there now, michelle? >> reporter: it's starting to heat up here in central park, which means in other 82s of the city it's also heating up. we're supposed to be flirting with 100 degrees but the heat index will make it feel between 105 and 110. i'm still in pretty good company out here at noon, a lot of people running, biking. that's how it's been all morning throughout central park. many people trying to get out early today and still taking things in stride. >> it's just harder. everything is a bit harder. just try to keep pouring water with, taking sips. go slow. >> i'm a dealer. what
of the country again today, at least 46 people died over the past two weeks and stories from across the u.s. suggest a rise in the misery index as well. >> this has been a horror story. we've been here 30 years, this is the worst set of days that we've experienced. >> i woke up feeling sick to my stomach and cramps in my legs and those are signs of heat stress. >> we've been expecting dry air along the line but this year it's worse than what everybody expected. >> outside washington, d.c., officials are investigating if the heat warped train tracks. passengers climbed out of the train to safety, nobody was hurt. tens of thousands are waking up to a seventh day without power in maryland and d.c. since last week's severe storms there. the utility companies are urging people to report their outages once again. and the drought is killing trees in arkansas. the leaves are turning brown and falling to the ground. stephanie abrams is here with the nation's forecast. good hot morning to you, st stephan stephanie. >> let's talk about the heat on friday. it was a scorcher across the country. triple d
from paris ? pas, fnce us, obalata r ju $25 vezon'4g l deves e glal-rdy. >>> me heaines ming new on t wes cot,he nap vallegisr has a froage styn ho comnity clege acro the ste m giv prioty rollnt t stunts with clear academic goals. it's part of an effort to encourage successful student behaviors and lp ratio class dung a timf scce sours. onhe fnt pe ohe seale timea sry aboow ske omildfes iiber a eati beaifulunse i th pacic northwest. smoke from dozens of wildfires on russia's east coast has climbed into the jet stream and made its w tohe wasngto ste. aiqualy haremaedorma theeattarea >>> we, tsdayarksne yea ofreed for onef amica' mo infous moers,asey thon a jur auitt anthony of murdering her 2-year-old daughter. she walked out of that florida courthouse with her attorney. sh hasot bn snut a abt sinc thattoey, jeaez, thor a n bk"psume guty," givg u loo a a ve unexpected legal victory. jose joins me live. welcome. >> thank you for havingme. >> here come the quesons. rst al cases le rht now, is trenyense o noalcyhere imean doe s go the grery ste? do she go o a abt? at iitik forer daily? >
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)